On The Move

Keeping the phone lines open for business on moving day.

Relocating to a new office can be a smart move. But it also presents your business a number of telecommunications challenges:  “How will customers reach us on moving day? How do we handle the logistics? Will we have connectivity at our new location when we need it?  Help!”

As your single point of contact with all the necessary telecommunications vendors, My Phone Guy will: 

  • Coordinate change in service location directly with your phone carrier
  • Handle all logistics before, during and after moving day
  • Establish timelines for transition of service to your new office
  • Provide the right connection for any alarm system (did you know it shouldn’t be on your T-1 line?)
  • Ensure that your phones are up and running the same day you move

The expertise of My Phone Guy makes for a very smooth move. We’ll keep you in business without missing a beat.

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