A Perfect Fit

Determining the best solution for your business telecommunications needs is often like working a jigsaw puzzle. My Phone Guy pieces the puzzle together and brings you the finished solution.


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Getting Connected, Staying Connected

With changing technology, the right internet connection is becoming more important than ever for your business to thrive. My Phone Guy finds the right connection for general surfing or mission critical applications.


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On the Move

Moving a business can be highly disruptive and expensive.    My Phone Guy is your single point of contact between multiple vendors which will make for a smooth move.



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Email on the Go

Going without email, even for a moment, can wreak havoc on your operations. My Phone Guy will ensure your emails are accessible, synchronized and saved while you are on the go.



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Phone Service & Internet Access

Need help navigating overwhelming options and mind-numbing technology lingo you encounter in services plans? My Phone Guy will help you make sense of it all and recommend the most efficient, cost-effective way to get connected to your customers.


Disaster Plan for Phones

It could be a massive storm you see coming or a construction crew that did not dig in the right place, but in a flash, your power and phone service is knocked off-line.  How long??? Battery backups only work so long... Clients can't reach you. 

Now What ?

Hosted Exchange Email

Where would we be without email? My Phone Guy can ensure that you have reliable, accessible, synchronized email wherever and whenever you need it, from your laptop to your smartphone.


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